Be Part Of NDAD’s Mission; Take Part In Giving Hearts Day 2017

NDAD & Giving Hearts Day 2017.

The longtime charity helping people with disabilities and health challenges is, for the first time, part of the region’s rapidly growing annual regional giving event. More than 350 regional nonprofit organizations in North Dakota and Minnesota are taking part.

Giving Hearts Day is Feb. 9, 2017.

That day is YOUR chance to become a rewarding part of NDAD’s mission — helping others to help themselves. The mission of the North Dakota Association for the Disabled.

Donate $10 or more on that day — Feb. 9 — to help NDAD and your contribution will be matched.

Plus, your impact grows even more when you invite family members, friends and others to match what you’re contributing.

February 9, 2017.

It’s a terrific day AND a terrific way to give with all of your heart.

Be a part of a tremendous service — NDAD — and take part in an enormously rewarding day — Giving Hearts Day 2017.

Visit or to make your donation anytime on Feb. 9.

NDAD. It’s AMAZING what people can do when there’s help — and giving hearts!