NDAD’s Busy Free Assistive Equipment Loan Program Re-stocked

February was a busy month for the Grand Forks portion of NDAD’s free short-term equipment loan program.

Even though February is the year’s shortest month, the program provided 95 pieces of assistive equipment out of its Grand Forks office – surpassing the record of 89 pieces in July 2013, according to Jeri Hietala, NDAD’s client services rep in Grand Forks.

NDAD ordered a shipment of new equipment, too, that NDAD’s Terry Olmstead has been busy unboxing and assembling for the charitable nonprofit’s four North Dakota offices.

Some people who have used the program before, or even some who haven’t, generously donate gently used equipment to NDAD for use by others, too.

Adaptive equipment also is on loan from NDAD’s offices in Minot, Fargo and Williston, but the Grand Forks office is the busiest. The program regularly is used by people who have been injured or who are recovering from illnesses, and people with congenital or other long-term health challenges. People may borrow equipment for up to three months before it must be returned to NDAD.

Terry Olmstead of NDAD’s Grand Forks office has been assembling assistive equipment for NDAD’s free short-term equipment loan program. People may loan equipment for up to three months before returning it to NDAD. Equipment is available out of NDAD’s offices in Grand Forks, Minot, Fargo and Williston.

Some participants are in some type of physical transition and need the equipment for only a short period of time, making a purchase unfeasible.

Others borrow equipment for days, weeks or a few months until they purchase identical or similar equipment themselves —  on their own, through insurance providers, or with help through NDAD’s general assistance services, provided they meet program qualifications.

Another option is NDAD’s flexible, low-interest Financial Loan Program for assistive devices. This program — provided in association with Alerus Financial –provides loans between $500 and $50,000 to qualified people with disabilities and other health challenges.

NDAD’s free equipment-for-loan inventory includes shower chairs, transfer benches, crutches, manual and power wheelchairs and accessories, scooters, bed rails, walkers, knee walkers, transport chairs, walker trays, reachers, portable ramps, canes, bathtub railings, commodes, toilet seat risers, toilet raisers or safety frames, gait belts and IV poles.

Even with a new supply of equipment, some items can be out of stock and unavailable temporarily. It’s a good idea to check first by contacting NDAD at its general toll-free number — (800) 532-NDAD (-6323) – or its individual offices:

* Grand Forks at the general toll-free number or (701) 775-5577;

* Fargo at (701) 281-8215 or (888) 363-NDAD;

* Minot at (701) 838-8414 or (888) 999-NDAD;

* Williston at (701) 774-0741 or (877) 777-NDAD.

Or, visit an NDAD office for more information about the equipment loan program, NDAD’s general assistance and financial loan programs, or any of NDAD’s other non-profit services.