Your Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Aids People With Disabilities, Health Challenges

When’s the last time you did some helpful Wheelin’ & Dealin’?

A portion of’s Wheelin’ & Dealin’ webpage. has an online classified listing of new or used wheelchairs, scooters, vans, recliners with motorized lifts, transfer benches and much more that are for sale. Sometimes, items are listed that others seek to purchase.

Either way, Wheelin’ & Dealin’ can benefit people with various types of disabilities, impairments or health challenges, or family and friends who are looking to help those people.

The listing is at

The online classifieds, courtesy of charitable nonprofit NDAD, are free to access and to place. They’re easy to use for both buyers and sellers. Check it out today.

If you have adaptive / mobility equipment that you’d prefer to donate, NDAD also welcomes equipment donations for use in its popular short-term equipment loan program. NDAD loans mobility and adaptive equipment free of charge for periods of up to three months to people with disabilities and health challenges around North Dakota and in northwest Minnesota border communities.

Charitable contributions of money or property to NDAD may be eligible for deduction when you do your taxes, provided you itemize your deductions.

Please first call the NDAD office nearest you to inquire about your planned donation of new or used adaptive or mobility equipment. Call NDAD toll-free at 1 (800) 532-NDAD (-6323), or:

■ Fargo – (701) 281-8215; 21 N. University Drive

■ Minot – (701) 838-8414; 1808 20th Ave. S.E.

■ Williston – (701) 774-0741 or – 0444; 514 Reclamation Drive

■ Grand Forks – (701) 775-5577; 2660 S. Columbia Road