One Fundraiser Done, Another Coming Up Sunday For Cancer Patient Sandy Puttbrese

The first of two community fundraisers this week to help a longtime Grand Forks daycare provider took place Monday — and it was a success, according to its organizer.

Jen Coddington (left) and Nikki Chine, two parents whose children have been cared for at Sandy Puttbrese’s Grand Forks daycare, pose near several items explaining Monday night’s fundraiser at Pizza Ranch to help Puttbrese, who’s battling cancer. The two women were among nine volunteers who assisted at the event. (Submitted photo)

Sandy Puttbrese, who is battling uterine cancer — she began chemotherapy treatments this week — attended the Pizza Ranch Community Impact Fundraising Event that was held on her behalf.

“She was very moved,”  organizer Nikki Chine said today.

Being on the receiving end of such support is “a very hard position for her to be in,” Chine said about Puttbrese. “She’s such a giver.”

The four-hour event featured nine volunteers who bused tables, refilled drinks and helped fill food requests in addition to explaining why they were there at the buffet-style southwest Grand Forks restaurant.  The volunteers include friends and family of friends of Puttbrese, including two women – Chine and Jen Coddington — whose children have attended Sandy’s daycare, Chine said.

“It was a fun group and a very rewarding cause,” she said.

Pizza Ranch customers were very receptive, Chine said, including military veterans who were at the restaurant  to take advantage of some Veterans Day weekend discounts.

All of the tip money and 20 percent of all dine-in, take-out and delivery sales from the event went to help Puttbrese. Customers were asked to bring special event invitations to specify their support for Sandy and qualify to secure the 20 percent purchase percentage on her behalf.

The other fundraiser for Puttbrese is in Oslo, Minn., roughly a half-hour’s drive north of Grand Forks. The Oslo Community Center Sunday will be the site of a spaghetti feed, bake sale and silent auction. A free-will offering is requested for the event, which is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Oslo is home to Sandy’s sister and brother-in-law, Connie and Bo Ruport, who have organized the event. Sandy also is an Oslo American Legion Auxiliary member.

Puttbrese is a native of the International Falls, Minn., area. She attended Bemidji State College. For 21 years, she’s provided daycare in Grand Forks for area children.

Sandy underwent a radical hysterectomy Oct. 3 at the Mayo medical complex in Rochester, Minn., to remove cancer that began in her uterus and spread to her ovaries. She has completed the first of six chemo cycles – once every 21 days – aimed at killing any cancer cells that may be circulating in her body fluids, she said.

Sandy Puttbrese

NDAD is a sponsor and custodian of funds raised during these November events , each initiated – like all NDAD-sponsored fundraisers — by friends and family members . Thrivent Financial for Lutherans also is a Puttbrese fundraiser  sponsor.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go to help offset Sandy’s medical and essential day-to-day expenses.

You also can donate to help Sandy:

  • Online, using your credit card and the “Give Online” button next to an article about Sandy and her photograph on NDAD’s website, http://www.NDAD.orga/fundraisers.asp.
  • By mail. Send your donation to: NDAD, c/o Sandy Puttbrese Fundraiser, 2660 S. Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 58201.
  • In person, at the above address, between regular business hours — 9 and 5 p.m. weekday.

Please make checks payable to: NDAD / Sandy Puttbrese.

About NDAD’s Community Fundraiser program

NDAD-sponsored community fundraisers are conducted by friends and families of a person with a disability or a serious health challenge.

The flier for Sunday’s benefit in Oslo, Minn., to help cancer patient Sandy Puttbrese, an Olso American Legion Auxiliary member and longtime Grand Forks daycare provider.

NDAD acts as custodian of all funds raised, which can be used to help the individual with medical and other urgent needs and expenses, including helping with doctor, clinic or hospital bills and paying pre-existing bills. NDAD allows the client to use the bank of his or her choice to hold all funds that are raised.

The community fundraiser service is offered free of charge by NDAD. All funds raised are spent on the client’s needs. It’s a service NDAD has provided across North Dakota for the majority of its 37 years, starting when it was more commonly known as the North Dakota Association for the Disabled. References are available.

The service offers benefits in several ways. NDAD is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, meaning any funds donated to NDAD qualify for a charitable donation and are deductible for donors who itemize. Funds donated to bank accounts that are not under 501(c)(3) status are not deductible funds.

Donations directly to a needy individual also may cause that person to lose eligibility for various public assistance programs that are based on income. With NDAD as fund custodian, the funds should protect eligibility for public programs. NDAD tracks all funds raised and expenses paid. The client, family member or representative can bring in the donation, and NDAD will provide the necessary accounting functions.

Approved bills must be submitted to NDAD, where they will be paid with donated funds — a service that can be of great relief to individuals or families dealing with overwhelming situations. If clients are at medical facilities out of town for long periods of time, it also can be a great convenience.

NDAD’s long reputable service in North Dakota also is a factor sometimes when potential donors consider a fundraiser sponsored by the organization.

Also, NDAD provides marketing and consulting expertise to help with fundraisers, including creation and copying of posters, letters or any other advertising items necessary for fundraisers.

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