Sarcoma Patient Kelly Hutton Returns To Grand Forks Job; Benefit For Hutton, Birth-traumatized Son On Nov. 10

Kelly Hutton returned to work in Grand Forks Monday, still buoyed by self-described “wonderful news” in late September about her outlook after cancer surgery.

Kelly Hutton

Hutton – who, with her baby son Mason, is the focus of a Nov. 10 fundraiser benefit – works in the Grand Forks County Office of the District Court Clerk.

She had surgery in early September at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, in Minneapolis to remove a high-grade aggressive sarcoma, a type of cancer arising from connective tissue, found near her right rib cage.

It was first confirmed after Mason’s traumatic birth via emergency C-section May 19.

In a follow-up appointment at the University of Minnesota hospital, Kelly’s medical team said her surgical incision looked great, was healing well and was expected to result in minimal disfigurement, “mainly due to the two rib pieces they had to remove” with the sarcoma, she wrote several weeks ago.

A member of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, surgical team that removed a high-grade aggressive sarcoma from near Kelly Hutton’s right rib cage displays the cancer and surrounding connective tissue after surgery.


“The pathology report on the tumor came back showing that there was NO CANCER in the area of margin (the extra area they cut out to make sure they got all the cancer) and it showed that the radiation had killed 99% of the tumor,” Kelly wrote then. “The doctors stated it was rare to have a pathology report come back that good.”

She will have a follow-up computed tomography (CT) scan after further recovery from surgery, “and if everything looks okay on that scan I will merely have to have a CT scan 2 to 3 times a year as I am at higher risk for reoccurrence,” she wrote.

“I am so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful news.  I thank God for my doctors, Dr. Noyes and Dr. Potti at the Cancer Center of ND in Grand Forks and Dr. Tuttle and Dr. Landis at the U of M for such amazing work and for giving me back my life.”

2012 has been challenging for Kelly and baby Mason and for husband and father Chris, a Grand Forks County sheriff’s deputy and twice-deployed National Guardsman.

Kelly and Chris Hutton with baby Mason at Sanford Health in Fargo earlier this year.

Mason was born without a heart rate and was not breathing at birth. His umbilical cord was wrapped multiple times around his neck and body. He lacked oxygen for about eight minutes before he was revived. Mason also experienced a brain bleed and bilaterial brain damage, plus seizures and some hearing loss in his left ear.

While he’s met multiple developmental milestones, his ultimate outcome will be clarified only with age and further development.

Mason’s father, Chris, is no stranger to adversity.

His right leg was amputated below the knee after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver in July 2006 while Hutton was writing his motorcycle.

The much-publicized incident did not deter Hutton from resuming law-enforcement work and other pursuits. Earlier this year, he was named VFW Law Enforcement Office of the Year for North Dakota.

The benefit for Kelly Hutton and little Mason is set for Saturday, Nov. 10, at the Eagles Club in East Grand Forks, Minn. It will feature a baked potato bar from 4 to 7 p.m., with a silent auction and a bake sale starting one hour earlier, at 3 p.m., and concluding an hour beyond the end of the silent auction.

If you would like to contribute items toward the silent auction, contact Lori Troyer or Ryan Bjertness at

Charitable nonprofit NDAD, a benefit sponsor, is serving as custodian for all funds raised. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will be used to help offset Mason and Kelly Hutton’s medical and essential related expenses.

You can help the Huttons by mailing a donation to: NDAD, c/o Kelly and Mason Hutton Fundraiser, 2660 S. Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 58201. Please make checks payable to: NDAD / Kelly and Mason Hutton.

Or, you can donate online, using a credit card, at .

Flier for Nov. 10 benefit to help baby Mason Hutton and his mother, Kelly Hutton — the son and wife of Chris Hutton.

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