Paralyzed Motorcyclist, Moved To Fargo, ‘really Happy’ With Med Rehab Access

Paralyzed North Dakota motorcyclist Dennis Ahoe continues to go through spinal cord rehabilitation at Sanford Health in Fargo, his daughter says.

Ahoe, 60, of Williston, was moved to Fargo from Minot Trinity Hospital a week ago Tuesday. Ahoe had been a patient since June 1 at Minot Trinity after a U.S. Highway 2 motorcycle crash near Minot left him dealing with quadriplegia but without health insurance to support specialized care.

Dennis Ahoe

He finally qualified for Social Security disability and Medicaid last month, prompting the move.

His transfer  came a few days after a benefit was held in Williston on his behalf. The benefit raised about $10,000 to help cover medical and other essential day-to-day expenses. Charitable nonprofit NDAD is serving as the fund custodian.

Ahoe is working hard to take advantage of the month of rehabilitation that Medicaid will cover, said one of his daughters, Cherice Levenhagen of Ardoch, N.D.

“He’s really happy” to have access to the intensive spinal cord rehabilitation, but he’s also “so tired” from all the physical work, Levenhagen said Monday.

Ahoe’s future might lead him to a Medicaid-financed, accredited post-acute rehabilitation care facility for people with brain and spinal cord injuries, thanks in part to groundwork initiated by a Minot Trinity social worker, his daughter said.

The fundraiser for Dennis Ahoe continues at NDAD. You can help by mailing a check to: NDAD, c/o Dennis Ahoe Fundraiser, 2660 S. Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 58201. Or, you can go online at and click the “Give Online” digital button next to Ahoe’s name and photograph.

All of the funds raised for Ahoe will go to cover medical and other essential day-to-day expenses.