Big Weekend Progress For Recovering Tanner

The weekend proved to be eventful for 8-year-old Tanner Davidson, the Grand Forks third grader who has spent much of September trying to rebound from a life-threatening ruptured appendix and subsequent stomach infection.

Tanner Davidson

Tanner was discharged from Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis Sunday, though he must stay close by for at least a few days before returning home, his father, Jared, wrote on Sunday.

“During the drive from the Hospital to Aunt Tonya’s house it became very clear that he is not ready for that drive just yet so we will wait and see after a couple of more days,” Jared wrote . “We are very excited to get Tanner home so he can continue to recover and get the needed physical therapy to return to school and normal life. Thank you to everyone for continuing to cheering Tanner on to recovery during this roller coaster adventure. He is very excited to see everyone back home. Today we are all smiles!”

Earlier Sunday, Tanner was switched to oral medications, according to family web posts.

Saturday was “happiest day” Tanner had in a month, Jared wrote in an earlier Sunday CaringBridge post.

Tanner Davidson with his Minnesota Wild knit hat.

“He was unhooked from his IV’s and immediately scurried out his room to find an adventure. Children’s Hospital is decorated for kids to find adventure. He roamed the hospital with Morgan and his cousin’s Sidney and Macie. He found a glass skyway where the stained glass stars shadows glow on the floor. Animal towns transplanted in the floor that he can walk over. Musical boxes that play with the swipe of a hand, shops and stores geared just for kids, play areas for all ages. He was drunk with life and excited to be free.

“Tanner returned to his room to order his first real meal of noodles with Alfredo sauce and a salad with an enormous amount of ranch dressing. After chowing down he played board games and a couple rounds of Uno. At 7:30 pm he was wiped out and fell asleep. He had so much fun that when he got his pain killer later that night he threw up. Lesson learned on when to take it easy and when to run.”

The signs of Tanner’s recovery were evident throughout the latter part of the week. Thursday in occupational therapy, the youngster was eager to “to throw balls with suction cups on them at his giddy father, who was happy to see Tanner’s mighty throwing arm,” Tanner’s aunt Christina Brooks wrote on CaringBridge.

Tanner Davidson

A fund has been established through charitable nonprofit NDAD to help Tanner and his family deal with medical costs and related expenses. You can help by mailing a donation to: NDAD, c/o Tanner Davidson Fund, 2660 S. Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 58201, or by dropping it off at NDAD’s Grand Forks office.

You also can donate online. Go to, and use the “Give Online” digital button next to Tanner’s photo and story.

One-hundred percent of the donations received on Tanner’s behalf will go to his family. NDAD serves as custodian for the fund.


About NDAD’s Community Fundraisers program

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An online banner to promote three NDAD fundraisers.

The community fundraiser service is offered free of charge by NDAD. All funds raised are spent on the client’s needs – in young Tanner’s case, medical-related bills and essential day-to-day expenses. It’s a service NDAD has provided across North Dakota for the majority of its 37 years. References are available.

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