Talk About Accessible: Try Short-term Equipment Loan Program

A disability need be neither permanent nor long term in order for you to receive an assist from NDAD.

One notable example: The North Dakota charitable nonprofit’s short-term equipment loan program.

Lots of people take advantage of this long-time NDAD service — and it’s free, too.

NDAD equipment storage room
Terry Olmstead, who maintains the NDAD equipment available for loan out of the charitable nonprofit’s Grand Forks offices, eyes the equipment inventory as he walks through the storage room. (Photo: Mike Brue, NDAD)


NDAD loaned at least 250 pieces of equipment during the months of April, May and June 2012 alone.

The borrowers range from people who have been injured or are recovering from illnesses to people with congenital or other long-term health challenges. Some people need the equipment for only a short period of time, making a purchase unfeasible.

Others borrow equipment for days, weeks or a few months until they purchase like or similar equipment themselves, either on their own, through insurance providers, or with help from NDAD – either through direct financial assistance or NDAD’s low-interest financial loan program.

Here’s a list of the types of equipment, most of it new or updated in the past several years, that people like you have borrowed from one of NDAD’s four offices:

• Manual and power wheelchairs and accessories

• Bed rails

• Transfer benches

• Portable ramps

• Scooters

• Canes of various types

• Commodes

• Gait belts

• Rollators

• Leg lifters

• Grab bars

• Toilet seat risers, rails and safety frames

• Shower chairs and benches

• Walkers, knee walkers and walker trays

• Crutches

• IV poles

NDAD even makes available four accessible vans, each with a ramp, to individuals who are wheelchair users.

Currently, two of the vans are based in Grand Forks and one each in Minot and in Fargo. None are equipped with hand controls. Each van may be used for local appointments and events, or out-of-town medical appointments. Out-of-state trips must be for medical purposes only and be approved in advance by NDAD.

Visit an NDAD office in Grand Forks, Fargo, Minot, or Williston for more information about the Equipment Loan Program, or contact NDAD by phone toll-free at 1 (800) 532-NDAD (6323).