A Winter Safety Reminder

The recent snowfall in our area offers us a good opportunity to remind everyone that for people with limited mobility, getting around in the winter can be especially difficult and even dangerous: snow and ice make it hard to maneuver mobility equipment, and falls on ice can result in serious injury and even death.

NDAD wishes to remind all local businesses, homeowners, and landlords to keep their sidewalks, steps, and pathways clear of ice and snow, and to consider the special needs of persons with limited mobility throughout the winter season.

  • Promptly clear ice and snow from sidewalks, steps, and pathways, and keep them clear.
  • Ensure that pathways are wide enough for a scooter, walker, or wheelchair to get through.
  • Think about getting around your property from the point of view of a person with limited mobility. What are the potential obstacles and dangers? How can those problems be avoided or mitigated?
  • If you are driving near a vehicle that is towing exposed medical or disability equipment, drive carefully so that slush and snow from your tires does not spray up onto the equipment.

Maintaining clear, safe, and accessible pathways is neighborly and the prompt removal of snow and ice is often regulated by local ordinances. It’s also good business — if someone has difficulty entering your establishment, he or she cannot do business with you.

Thank you from all of us at NDAD. We hope the rest of your winter is safe and enjoyable!